Get Nailed at Home (GNAH)

Its your time to get more out of life

Change your nails, Change your life – your future is in Your Hands.

This is definitely a business whose time has come. Reap the rewards of reaching out to others and sharing this fabulous business.

Infinite Possibilities – How often are you offered an opportunity to make money – make a difference and have tons of fun?

On YOUR schedule. Part time or full time – YOU decide.

The nail industry has never been so much fun. We are at a point in time where its “everything nails”. Your fingernails are no longer just for protecting your fingers – they are a showcase for art. Almost everyone today has some form of capping over their nails – whether it is gel, acrylic, or something else. The business has never been better.

Take Control of your future

With Get Nailed At Home, you can start earning money the first day you become involved in the business.

Earn commissions for your own sales as well as bonus rewards for level completion and other incentives.


Who are we?

We are trailblazers, leaders, team mates, mothers, daughters, friends.  We are proud, elegant and vibrant. We are forward thinking and forward looking, we believe in opportunity and optimism. We are big dreamers who work hard. We are Awesome! We are positive and powerful. We are Fusionists!

Be proud to say “I am my own nail tech “.

Empowered Business Women

Support is at hand

GNAH marketing, distribution and customer service gives you the tools and training to get you started. Your personal coach and GNAH corporate services is there to guide you and help you build strength in your business one nail at a time.

Call 1-844-GNAH-COM 1-844-4634-266

These policies contain statements regarding the GNAH compensation plan. There are no Guarantees regarding success or failure of each independent consultant or (Fusionist). As with any other business, success depends upon the independent consultants own skill or and personal effort.

Marketing Plan

GNAH marketing system is a channel for nail products from the manufacturer to the customer through independent consultants (Fusionists).  This system allows for more profit and earning potential to Fusionists by cutting out the middle man.

  • Traditional Marketing Approach

Manufacturer – Wholesaler – Warehouser – Sales force – Retailer to Consumer

  •  Direct Marketing Approach

Manufacturer – Fusionist to Consumer

You can start earning money the first day you become involved in the business. Earn commissions for your own sales as well as bonus rewards for level completion and other incentives.

Take Control of your Future

In the corporate world your pay raises and bonuses are determined by someone else.  The GNAH marketing plan is here to reward you for your business building and product selling efforts. Let GNAH help you attain the business and rewards you deserve.

GNAH has great bonuses –You can earn

Distribution kits – Cash bonuses – Gas cards – Trips

  • Go Getter Bonus
  • Mentor Bonus – Qualified Mentor Bonus
  • Leader Bonus – Qualified Leader Bonus
  • Education Bonuses
    • Qualified Educator
    • Master Educator
    • Certified Nail Technician

Fusionist Benefits – What’s in it for YOU?

Fusionist (Independent Consultant)

Independent consultants building their business at GNAH are all known as Fusionists.  In order to start a business as a Fusionist, each consultant must purchase a GNAH Fusionist Starter kit and complete the GNAH Fusionist Application and Agreement.

Each Fusionist will reap the following rewards:

  • 25% discount on personal purchases
  • 25% Profit on retail sales
  • Earn FREE product and demo kits
  • Earn your way to becoming a Master Educator
  • Earn your way to becoming a certified Nail Technician
  • No Need to carry inventory – GNAH ships directly to your customers
  • Convenient Online shopping 24/7
  • Unlimited territories – Fusionists may sell in any area GNAH operates
  • Jewellery, trips and cash bonuses and incentives as recognition for your success
  • Access to all product specials
  • You can actually earn your distribution kits. Make money instantly and by earning your demonstration products you may never have to spend a penny from your own savings.



 If you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business that you love, work from home on your own schedule with fabulous products that your customers will love.

Join us today for as little as $50. Share products and earn profits. Get Nailed at Home can change your life, as you help others.